XrmDefinitelyTyped: TypeScript for Dynamics 365

XrmDefinitelyTyped generates TypeScript declaration files based on your Dynamics 365/CRM/xRM solution.
It is the TypeScript equivalent of CrmSvcUtil, but instead of generating early-bound .NET classes for server-side code, it generates TypeScript interfaces for all your client-side coding.
This makes it possible to catch bugs at compile-time in your IDE (instead of at runtime on the CRM instance), as well as providing full intellisense for the APIs and entities, which greatly enhances the coding experience!

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Why use XrmDefinitelyTyped?

Get started developing strongly typed client-side code!
Test your code

Install from NuGet

XrmDefinitelyTyped can be installed and updated via NuGet
PM> Install-Package Delegate.XrmDefinitelyTyped

Read more about this package on NuGet.org.